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About Me

Hey there, I'm Cris, and my love affair with food started early. Growing up, I watched my mum and grandmas work their magic in the kitchen, effortlessly creating delicious dishes with that Mediterranean flair that runs in our veins.

After some time working in cosy restaurants down in southern Spain, I decided to spice things up by heading to the mountains. That's when I started my journey in chalet kitchens, and well...what a ride it's been!

During the winter months, you'll find me in chalets, whipping up mouth-watering meals for my guests. But guess what? I don't hang up my apron in the summer! I run my catering business year-round and also explore different areas of hospitality to keep things interesting. And in between, I make sure to satisfy my wanderlust, exploring new flavours and cuisines around the globe.

When I'm not busy cooking up a storm, I'm hanging out with my four-legged partner in crime, Bonnie, the border collie. Fun fact, I actually became a certified dog behaviourist because of her. Turns out, my ability for patience, consistency, and dedication works wonders in both the culinary and canine worlds!

So, whether you're here to savour some delicious food, chat about dogs and travel, or plan your next event, I'm all ears. Join me on this tasty adventure where every dish is a work of art, and every day is a chance to discover something new and delicious!

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